Japanese Language Exchange

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Come and enjoy our first Japanese language exchange, you will be playing different games and having lots of fun while practicing Japanese!

Hello Language learners!!

Japanese cultural event

Would you like to practice your Japanese language skills with other language learners?


Come and enjoy our first Japanese Language Exchange of 2022!!

JapaneseΒ is the language that will take you to more places in life,Β your studies, and your career. Similarly, it will enrich your personal life as much as your travel experiences through immersion learning, so you will get maximum exposure to your target language. Having this in mind, we have prepared an event where you practice what you have learned so far, maybe it will challenge you or maybe not, The only way to find out is to come and put yourself in the spot.

Also, you will be playing different games in which you can play like a kid or just talk and have fun. All of this while practicing the language you love.

In the end, we will choose a winner and they will receive a prize and certificate. Exciting, doesn’t it?

The event will be hosted by our lovely Japanese teachers Risa & Kinue πŸ™‚

We have limited spaces available this time so book your spot now!


Current students: $0

Previous students NZ$14

Visitors: NZ$19


Buy the tickets here.

Check out our Japanese Page!

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