Meet your teacher

Arabic Teachers

Arabic teacher


Engineering teacher by day, Arabic tutor by night. Our Arabic teacher Mohammed is as versatile as he is passionate about the old traditional Arabic language. 

 He originally came to New Zealand from Egypt to do a Ph.D. in engineering which he has recently completed. He speaks three languages and practices swimming. He has traveled the world and dreams of doing more of this with road trips around the US and train travels through Europe. But in spite of his adventurous facade, Mohammed is a kind soul who loves nothing more than night spending hours in the kitchen preparing a meal to share with his loved ones in his home. For this and for his wonderful sense of humour he has a special place in all of his students’ hearts. 

Class level: A2
Timetable: Every Thursday at 6.00 pm

German Teachers

German teacher


Meet Marita, who is very passionate about teaching. She loves seeing her students improve their German and enjoy themselves speaking a newly learnt language. “Learning a foreign language helps promote world peace” is her motto.  She herself speaks English, Spanish and French and believes that you can only learn a language if you understand the culture. Also being a piano teacher, she loves incorporating songs into her interactive lessons. And as a foody and passionate cook, her students get the opportunity to try the odd German dish or discuss recipes.

Having traveled the world herself, where she found her love for nature and her Kiwi man, she ended up in New Zealand. Here she discovered her passion for the water and has added many water activities to her adventure list. Living on the Shore, she tries not to miss a day without some kayaking, swimming, or windsurfing. Marita is also a keen volleyball player, hiker, and skier. She has been a member of our whānau for 2 ½ years.

Japanese Teachers

Japanese teacher


Kinue Sensei has had a love for teaching since little, this pushed her to get her bachelor’s in Education in Japan.

Soon after she was working as a tutor for local students and volunteered to teach Japanese to foreigners, this was her first teaching experience where she found joy. She eventually moved to New Zealand, a move that proved to be ideal for her, since her list of favourite things grew from just teaching and now includes camping, trekking, and thrift shopping. She lives her life as what she describes as an “authentic Osakan Japanese” with heaps of homemade Miso and Umeboshi (pickled plums).

Group lessons: B1 &  B2 on Tuesdays 

Japanese teacher


Having been with Language Hub for 3 years, our senior Japanese teacher Akiko Sensei has big goals, her current one: is to help all of those who are passionate about her language to improve their skills, and she is as determined to do this as she has been with all her previous adventurous in life, like the time she crossed Russia by herself during winter on the Trans-Siberian Railway. She is known for her methodically planned lessons and being an ace at getting her students to the next level. When she is not drafting her next lesson this cat lover dreams of a quiet and lovely house where to pick up her old violin.  

Conversation classes: A2 & B1 on Saturday morning
Group lessons: A1.2 on Thursday 7.30 pm

Japanese Teacher


Having just joined us in February 2022 Risa is our latest addition to the Langauge Hub whānau. With 3 years of Japanese teaching under her belt as well as her English tutoring years she is incredibly experienced for one so young. A bit of a citizen of the world, she is a native Japanese who grew up in Hong Kong, spent a decent amount of time in Thailand and now calls Aotearoa her home. Despite being an adventurer at heart, her biggest trip has been visiting Mauritius Island where she swam with dolphins and her bucket list includes traveling through Europe, she still enjoys a bit of chill time with a glass of wine and good conversation. She also has a wonderful sense of humor, when asked if she practices any sports she answered “If eating is considered a sport then yes I do.” 

Group lessons:

Monday (A2) Tuesday (Beginner) Wednesday & Thursday (A1-A2)

Spanish Teachers

spanish Language


Meet Teresita, our very own psychopedagogist. If there is one thing she can do is teach, and what she loves teaching the most is her mother tongue, Spanish. Despite not studying a second language growing up she can understand Portuguese because of all of her Brazilian friends and she is currently working on perfecting her English. 

  Besides dabbling with languages she likes to spend time in the bush, by the beach, or in her kitchen trying out new baking recipes. Her dulce de leche cake is a must. She has been a member of our whānau for almost two years and she firmly believes that teachers always leave a mark on their students, who of them in turn become a long-lasting memory for the teacher.


Chinese Teachers

Chinese teacher


Jessie has been teaching Mandarin for over three years, one of those here at Language Hub. She is an expert in Chinese languages, being able to speak Cantonese and Shanghainese as well as Mandarin and is also fluent in English. She thinks New Zealand is a wonderful place with really nice people, going as far as calling it her favourite place on earth. Jessie has a passion for teaching Chinese and she hopes more and more people become interested in learning the language so that she can share with them her culture, her food and her love for the amazing Chinese landscapes. Her personal philosophy is that we should find something to enjoy every day and she wishes to one day have the chance to travel the world.  



Group lessons: Tuesday 7.30 pm (Beginner)
Thursday 6.00 pm (A1)