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Word of the day

How to get the most out of a Language?

Watching a movie, listening to songs or reading a book in your target language are some of the best ways to improve your language skills. But have you ever thought of learning just ONE new word every day?

Let us look at the advantages:

• An average human’s common day to day vocabulary is roughly 2000 words. So if you learn a new word every day, just by this technique alone, over a year’s time you will have not only mastered 353 words (not taking into consideration the Sundays), but you will be able to effectively use 50% of the words learnt in a normal conversation. (Keep reading to find out more)

• Pondering, recollecting and retaining the word learnt each day is sure to boost your memory skills.

• You will sound really cool and feel like you belong when you learn and use some hip, trendy and colloquial words.

• It will take hardly 5 minutes to learn a word. How time consuming would that be?

How to choose:

• There are many “Word of the day” internet sites and apps available, but if you are looking for a more consistent set of vocabulary, you can start by looking up words that you are most likely to use in your conversations. Here is a pretty awesome online multilingual dictionary: www.wordreference.com

How to remember:

• Once you are quite happy with the chosen word, the best way to retain it in your memory is to make a simple sentence, through which you will have the added benefit of learning one or two more words, and hence the promise of learning 50% of the vocabulary in a year’s time. Example: saut à l’élastique, J’adore faire du saut à l’élastique.


• Make sure to slip this sentence in while trying to converse with your language class buddies and win accolades from your teacher.
• Keep track and make notes in your diary so that you can go back and recollect. Review, Review, Review, and you will be surprised with the results.
• You can come up with similar sounding word or phrase in your native language and visualise it. Example: مذكر in arabic means masculine (pronounced- /moo-dha-kar/). So you can probably equate it to a very masculine man moving a car
• If you are someone who likes to play around with PowerPoint, add a fun mnemonic image to your word.


• Make “Word of the day” a part of your vision board or desktop background.
• Have a gold coin wager with your best mate: Every day you don’t learn a new word he gets a dollar.
• Set up a daily e-mail reminder.
• Using voice recorder, record your previous day’s word of the day and use it as your wake up alarm to wake up the next morning.

Happy learning