This is part four of our winter competition and Seraphine has chosen the Korean poem for you to create a work of art.

Winter in Korea is between December and February and the lowest temperatures usually occur in January, ranging between minus six and three degrees Celsius. Have you heard of ‘samhansaon’? Samhansaon refers to the phenomenon where three days of cold weather are followed by four warmer days. The mountainous regions in Gangwon-do receive snowfall starting in early winter, with the weather being very cold and dry due to the wind blowing in from Siberia.

Yes, the poem has to do with snow and snow we want a lot of in February 2018 when PyeongChang in South Korea will host the Winter Olympics.

And now, tackle the challenge: paint, draw or create an image of the winter scene and be in to win a free conversation class. Just submit your creation to one of the wonderful people in the office and you’re in. The best image in each language wins.

Korean language poem:

발자국 bal-jaguk

고요한 겨울밤, 눈이 내리네
눈위에 발자국이 나를 따라오네

작은 발자국, 큰 발자국,,,
눈밭에서 춤을추네

나를 보고 웃는 내 발자국
결국 저만치 사라지네