You are probably aware that Language Hub offers conversation classes that –depending on the language – take place once, twice or three times a week for one hour. Here is why we think these classes are worth your while. I’m sure we would all agree that learning a new language involves learning the four skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. And yet, we ask and expect other people to ask us: Do you speak English? ¿Hablas español? Parlez-vous français? But never: Do you read or write or listen to English? Speaking is usually the main goal of a student in his decision to learn a language. Unfortunately, speaking is also one of the most difficult skills to develop when you are studying a new language. When students use their target language in a social situation like in their core classes, they often get nervous or feel embarrassed because they haven’t practiced speaking at home. They might have done plenty of exercises in their books and have done a lot of reading, but speaking outloud is a big deal. It requires to recall the right vocabulary, combine it with the correct inflection and sentence structure and –if that wasn’t difficult enough – utter it with accurate pronunciation and intonation to express what you want to communicate. No wonder that students get overwhelmed! In addition, we’ve all been in that awkward situation where we’re put on the spot and can’t seem to put one and one together – despite the fact that we’re in full command of our native language! Conversation classes therefore offer students the opportunity to improve their speaking skills while building up their confidence. Teachers will encourage students to make use of what they have learnt in their core classes in real conversation. These classes provide a supportive environment where you will feel comfortable sharing your ideas, experimenting with new vocabulary and trying out ways of saying things. Once you have gained practice through the active use of the language, you will have more confidence applying your speaking skills with native speakers. You will speak more quickly, with less hesitation, fewer mistakes and more fluency. Conversation classes also contribute significantly to your overall proficiency in the language over time and make your language more natural. Watch this space to find out more about conversation classes at Language Hub.