Language learning promise

Our Promise to You

Speak a foreign language with confidence
Language Hub is unlike any other foreign language learning experience in New Zealand. Our unique, immersion based programme is designed to make you a proficient, confident communicator in a foreign language.

If you make the commitment to learning a foreign language, you do not want to waste your time. You want to know that you are experiencing the most effective language learning possible, and that you will progress and improve in noticeable, measurable steps.
Language Hub is committed to providing the most effective, engaging and enjoyable programme for foreign language learning in New Zealand.

Our vision for New Zealand
Our vision is foreign language fluency for every New Zealander. Speaking a second language is an essential skill in today’s world, so we base everything we do on helping you achieve foreign language proficiency.


Choose from:
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Arabic / العربية
Chinese / 中文
French / Français
German / Deutsch

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Italian / Italiano
Japanese / 日本語
Korean / 한국어
Russian / русский
Spanish / Español