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Fluency in Germanis an achievable goal without leaving New Zealand. The Language Hub learning tracks are based around achieving proficiency in a foreign language, without having to live in a foreign country to achieve that goal.

Language Hub learning tracks are effective, engaging and reflect international best practice in language learning. In addition, our learning tracks are flexible, and work around individual timetables and learning styles. The result is a learning method that is so effective that we guarantee your results with our 100% money-back success guarantee.

Language Hub offers four learning learning tracks; simply choose the one that best meets your needs.

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**You can suspend your membership for up to six weeks if you’re going away.
*Ongoing memberships are flexible and you can finish any time you choose. You just need to give 30 days notice when you’re ready. Doing this is super easy – you can call Debit Success on 0800 481 0400 and they’ll sort it out for you.

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