When we first started working on the online learning project, we never expected that it would turn out to be such a huge success. We thank all our students especially those who burnt the midnight oil pushing themselves to learn through our Language Topics and Quizzes, and those who got up to the assignment level and successfully handed it over to our teachers for feedback. Though the Topics started right from the basics, “Greetings and Introductions” and difficult levels can only be unlocked after each lesson, we were really surprised when the advanced students took up the challenge, went on to learn new words even from the beginner level and submitted more elaborate assignments for review.

A glimpse of Online Language Learning

We all have a busy lifestyle, but how far are we willing to push ourselves to explore new things and to quit our comfort zone, is what defines us. When you are learning a new language, many things can come in the way, and if you work your way around it, you will see how beautiful and enriching experience language learning can be.

We created online learning so you can take learning outside the classroom. It is available to all Language Hub students and is a free learning tool, so please make maximum use of it – Push yourself.

Congratulations to German student Michael B for being our ‘top’ online student. You’re a star!