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Skype Classes

Are you missing out the joy of discovering a foreign language because of crazy work schedules, family commitments, location or other reasons? Not to worry, skype classes are here for you. Now you can learn a foreign language from any corner in New Zealand.

Learn at your convenient time from any location

learn a foreign language at your convenience

You have the freedom of scheduling and rescheduling your classes flexibly on weekdays and even on weekends. You can choose lesson times that work around your lifestyle, avoid travel time, cost and fatigue & learn from your comfy couch at home.

One-to-one classes

Foreign language one-to-one classes

  • Each skype class lasts for 60 mins.
  • Our skype classes follow our most valued immersion technique to best instill the language that you are learning.
  • Through our one-to-one intensive and interactive learning classes, you learn in a way that’s effective and fun.
  • You achieve your goals quickly with motivation and support from your teacher.
  • Your level will be assessed after each class and your teacher will keep track of your progress.

Focus is on what you want

Targeted foreign language classes

We tailor lessons according to your goals and preferences. So for example if you want to learn a new language for business or travel, the lesson plan will be focused in this direction or if you interested in specializing in a particular field, scientific, technical or commercial, for the purpose of study or work, we will help you enlarge your terminologies in the respective subject area. We also take into account your individual learning style and each lesson is self-paced so that you gain the confidence and learn at your own pace.


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$ 599 for 10 classes.
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