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Cindy Iglesias Language Hub

[tippy title=”Cindy Iglesias” height=”350″ width=”650″] Cindy Iglesias Language Hub

Cindy Iglesias has a teaching degree from Colombia, and has taught Spanish for over 10 years. Her enthusiasm for high quality teaching, and her commitment to great learning outcomes drew her to Language Hub shortly after its inception, and she has been delivering on Language Hub’s commitment to great language teaching and learning ever since.[/tippy]

Julie Sandilands Language Hub

 [tippy title=”Julie Sandilands” height=”350″ width=”650″] Julie Sandilands Language Hub

Julie grew up in Rotorua and spoke only English until she was 20. She has since learned and taught languages all over the world. She now speaks French, German, Spanish, Arabic and is currently learning Chinese. An expert in effective language learning and teaching techniques, Julie established Language Hub to make proficiency in a foreign language achievable for every New Zealander. [/tippy]

Rafik Nasraoui Language Hub

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Rafik Nasraoui Language Hub

Rafik grew up speaking French & Arabic and learned English and German from an early age. From Tunisia, Rafik went to Universities in France & Sweden and then worked in Germany before coming to New Zealand. Having experienced the benefits of multi-lingualism, he is keen to help New Zealanders see these benefits for themselves. [/tippy]

Meet our Teachers

Lanxin Ma Chinese teacher Language Hub

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Lanxin Ma Chinese teacher Language Hub

Lanxin Ma is a Chinese teacher at Language Hub. She is a NZ registered secondary school teacher and a native speaker of Mandarin. Before moving to NZ, she completed her bachelor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and ran a business Mandarin programme for international companies in Shanghai. Her teaching approaches emphasise intercultural communicative skills, which enable her students to communicate and think in a Chinese way. She believes that authentic communication breaks down barriers and enables real connections between people.[/tippy]

Irene Anastasi Italian teacher Language Hub

[tippy title=”Irene-Italian” height=”350″ width=”650″] Irene Anastasi Italian teacher Language Hub

Irene is our Italian teacher. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics and Cultural Mediation from the University of Milan, Italy, where she also studied Japanese and English. She has years of experience teaching Italian in Brisbane, Australia, and she is trained in translation and interpretation. Irene has always had a passion for languages. She loves teaching Italian and sharing her culture, especially her passion for the Italian food. She has an adaptive teaching method that she tailors to suit the students’ learning style. She believes that fun is always the right key to successful learning.[/tippy]

Andry Spanish teacher Language Hub

[tippy title=”Andry-Spanish” height=”350″ width=”650″] Andry Spanish teacher Language Hub

Andry is our awesome Spanish teacher! She comes from Colombia where she was teaching and training teachers in order to improve learning processes, and developing effective methods of learning. She is also a coach in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and loves to apply this knowledge in her classes, helping her students to improve their lives and have a great experience while speaking a new language. She cares a lot about her students and is very engaged with their progress. She is fun, creative, friendly, professional and very dedicated. Andry loves teaching, dancing salsa and touching people lives!.[/tippy]

Seraphine Lee Korean teacher Language Hub

[tippy title=”Seraphine-Korean” height=”350″ width=”650″] Seraphine Lee Korean teacher Language Hub

Seraphine is our Korean teacher. As well as speaking Korean as her mother tongue she is also completely fluent in Japanese, having lived in Japan for a number of years. Seraphine is an expert foreign language teacher. She studied foreign language teaching in New Zealand and in Australia, and has taught Korean, Japanese and English in Japan and Australia, and now in New Zealand.

Seraphine also studied Chinese at university, so if you want some advice or tips about language learning, Seraphine is your go-to person.[/tippy]

Mayu Japanese teacher

[tippy title=”Mayu-Japanese” height=”350″ width=”650″]

Mayu Japanese Teacher Language Hub

Mayu is our Japanese teacher. She is from Nagoya City, Japan. She completed her teaching studies specialising in Japanese grammar, teaching techniques from a foreigner’s point of view, and Japanese culture. She believes language immersion is the fastest and most effective way to learn a language and learned English and German using this method. Ask her about Japanese language and culture.[/tippy]

Shirley Du Chinese teacher

 [tippy title=”Shirley-Chinese” height=”350″ width=”650″] Shirley Du Chinese teacher Language Hub

Shirley Du is a Mandarin Chinese teacher at Language Hub. She comes from Kunming, Yunnan, a beautiful city in the southwest part of China. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Master Degree in Education from Yunnan Normal University. After that, she worked as a University English teacher in China for about four years, before coming to New Zealand for an overseas experience and academic development.

She was awarded a Master of Professional Language Studies in Language Teaching with merit from AUT, after which she started to work as a language teacher. She greatly enjoys teaching both Chinese & English as a second language and finds it very fun to teach languages and communicate with students from various backgrounds. As a qualified and experienced teacher, she believes that Language Hub can make language-learning journey an enjoyable and fruitful one. [/tippy]

Carolina french teacher Language Hub

[tippy title=”Carolina-French” height=”350″ width=”650″] Carolina french teacher Language Hub

Carolina has a Master’s 2 Degree in Translation/Interpreting Studies from Montpellier University in France. She grew up in a bilingual environment which made her fall in love with learning new languages and understanding linguistics. She has taught French to middle-school students in Mexico and also Modern Greek to university students in France. She is a firm believer that if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you want, including learning a new foreign language. She is a friendly and dedicated teacher that will always be there to help you progress and answer any of your questions.[/tippy]

Ariane Kostan German teacher Language Hub

[tippy title=”Ariane-German” height=”350″ width=”650″] Ariane Kostan German teacher Language Hub

Ariane is one of our German Teachers. She comes from Frankfurt where she learned Latin, French and English at school, and later Spanish at University. She has a Master’s Degree in American Studies from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University in Frankfurt with minors in Political Science and Business Studies. She previously worked in tourism but after having two children, who are growing up bilingual, she rediscovered her love for languages, completed a TESOL/TEFL Language Teaching Course and joined Language Hub in 2013.[/tippy]

Eman Arabic teacher

 [tippy title=”Eman-Arabic” height=”350″ width=”650″] Eman Arabic teacher Language Hub

Eman is one of our Arabic Teachers. Check back soon to learn more about her.[/tippy]

Viktoria German teacher Language Hub

[tippy title=”Viktoria-German” height=”350″ width=”650″]

Viktoria German teacher Language Hub

Viktoria comes from Austria and has a Master’s Degree in Education Science from the Karl-Franzens University in Graz. She specialises in Adult Education. Viktoria also studied psychology and is a body-mind therapist in addition to a language teacher. She has taught at various schools in Austria. During a multi-year around the world trip she taught German to students and trained teachers in Nepal. She fell in love with New Zealand and moved here in 2016. Viktoria loves to meet and teach people from other cultures having travelled to many countries herself. She uses creative teaching methods that make for a fun learning environment.[/tippy]

Gabriela Spanish Teacher Language Hub

[tippy title=”Gabriela-Spanish” height=”350″ width=”650″]

Gabriela Spanish Teacher Language Hub

Gabriela is a Spanish teacher. Check back soon to learn more about her.[/tippy]

Hiromi Japanese teacher Language Hub

[tippy title=”Hiromi-Japanese” height=”350″ width=”650″]

Hiromi Japanese teacher Language Hub

I’m Hiromi. I’m from Saitama, Japan. I have always been interested in foreign languages and cultures since my first trip to the US when I was in high school. After finishing my English and linguistic studies, I went to Australia and completed TESOL and TEFL programmes. Upon returning to Japan from Australia, I worked for private Language schools and taught English to all age groups; from adults to primary school children. In New Zealand, apart from teaching Japanese here at Language Hub, I work as a teacher trainer for Japanese-English trainee teachers and study part-time. In my class, I try to incorporate a variety of games and activities to keep my students on their toes, and the most importantly, to make language learning fun! I look forward to meeting you in class and helping you reach your Japanese learning goals.[/tippy]

Christina Fan Language Hub

[tippy title=”Christina-Chinese” height=”350″ width=”650″] Christina Fan Language Hub

Christina Fan is a Chinese teacher at Language Hub. She is a qualified language teacher and taught Chinese in China for a number of years before coming to New Zealand. She has a particular interest in the teaching methodologies of Asian languages, and in rapid language acquisition techniques. [/tippy]


[tippy title=”Nelly” height=”350″ width=”650″]

camilo intern Language Hub

Nelly is a User Experience expert, and is transforming Language Hub’s online materials into resources that students cannot get enough of.[/tippy]

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