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    At the Language Hub your Russian classes will be entirely in Russian. This beginner course will teach you how to read and write the Russian alphabet with confidence, and will set you off on your journey of learning this language spoken by a large proportion of the world’s population.

    You will gain a strong base in listening, speaking, reading and writing, so that you can start communicating in and experiencing this wonderful language.


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    New Foundation Classes starting the week of the 9th of August Non beginner students can start any week


    What our Russian students say

    Learn it and use it.

    Love what language you learn -that’s what I learn from class.


    I’m enjoying it. Especially as the immersion aspect is increasing. It pushes you along-forces your hand to try to communicate, which seems to ‘spark up’ that language part of your brain. It’s very satisfying, as long as you are forgiving of yourself and not worried about looking blank sometimes.


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