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New Foundation Classes starting the week of the 15th of October

Non beginner students can start any week


Learning Japanese will allow you to delve deep into the mindset of this fascinating country.
Japan has the world’s third largest economy, and as a neighbour of New Zealand is important for both business and tourism.
Learning Japanese is a great way to open doors and gain opportunities in business, and adds an edge to a CV for many careers. Manga and Japanese culture and history can be discovered and explored through the Japanese language, and conversing with the locals in Japanese while travelling in Japan is a very rewarding experience.


Japanese classes at the Language Hub:

100% immersion class
Are fun, effective and engaging
Small classes size
Native, experienced and qualified teachers
Cover the four skills speaking, listening, reading & writing
Focus on language acquisition and retention
Cover 6 levels from beginners to advanced
Use international best practice teaching techniques


Resources available for our students

Online learning

Online Learning Programme

When you enrol as a Language Hub student you also get free access to Language Hub’s comprehensive and complementary Online Learning Programme

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Workshops at language hub


Language Hub offers free workshop for our students. Workshops explore different aspects of the culture of the language you are studying.


Japanese learning options
Choose to learn Japanese in the style that suits you best:


Japanese Class Levels Japanese class levels


Japanese classes at Language Hub are broken down into 6 levels, with each level taking approximately one year to complete. These levels correspond to the levels given by the Common European Framework for Languages. Students start in Level A1, and progress through to level C2. A level C2 certificate acknowledges total fluency in Japanese.


Meet your teachers


She is from Nagoya City, Japan. She completed her teaching studies specialising in Japanese grammar, teaching techniques from a foreigner’s point of view, and Japanese culture. She believes language immersion is the fastest and most effective way to learn a language and learned English and German using this method. Ask her about Japanese language and culture.


I’m Hiromi. I’m from Saitama, Japan.
I have always been interested in foreign languages and cultures since my first trip to the US when I was in high school.

After finishing my English and linguistic studies, I went to Australia and completed TESOL and TEFL programmes. Upon returning to Japan from Australia, I worked for private Language schools and taught English to all age groups; from adults to primary school children.

In New Zealand, apart from teaching Japanese here at Language Hub, I work as a teacher trainer for Japanese-English trainee teachers and study part-time.
In my class, I try to incorporate a variety of games and activities to keep my students on their toes, and the most importantly, to make language learning fun!

I look forward to meeting you in class and helping you reach your Japanese learning goals.


Learning a new language


Japanese time table

Japanese timetable and prices


Target your Learning to your Goals
The reason why you are learning a new language can change the way you learn it. If you have a specific goal in mind, get some tips to help you meet that goal:


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