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    One of the best decisions you can make for your professional life today is to learn Chinese. A language with a vast history, fascinating culture and great food, speaking Chinese is an enriching personal experience.

    Your Chinese classes will be incredibly effective and fun using our 100% immersion technique. Starting with the basics, you will gain a strong base in listening, speaking, reading and writing, so that you can start communicating in and experiencing this wonderful language.


    Learn Chinese at Language Hub

    Experienced and passionate native teachers
    Interactive and effective learning experiences
    Best practice teaching methods
    A vibrant supportive environment
    Immersion learning programme

    A Complete Chinese Immersion Experience

    As a Language Hub student, you will get:

    Weekly Immersion Classes

    Immersion Class

    Make steady progress in your language learning, build your language skills and focus your learning. Our group classes are effective, engaging and reflect international best practice in language learning.

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    Online Learning Programme

    Immersion Class

    Take your learning to the next level with our complete online learning package. Reinforce and review what you learn in class, fill gaps in your knowledge and solidify your strengths.

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    Cultural Events

    Cultural Events

    Immerse yourself in the language and the culture with complementary cultural events.

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    What our Chinese students say

    Good structure and it makes learning a new language/improve your language fun.


    It is an opportunity to hear authentic Chinese spoken at a natural speed.

    Jenny Booth

    Learning Chinese is a great way of future proofing your life.


    Learning a new language is quite easy but remembering what I learnt is difficult. The Immersion experience makes it easier to remember the lessons so students can learn the language faster.


    I like how we start from introductions and every day [conversation]. I ended up learning more than expected.


    Language Hub is great. I have a fun teacher who is happy to answer any questions.


    Language Hub Classes will get you Speaking Faster

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    Immersion Class

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    New Foundation Classes starting the week of the 26th of April Non beginner students can start any week


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