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Imagine what a knowledge of Arabic could bring you in terms of understanding the world and its cultures. Arabic is a major international language and is spoken in 27 countries around the world. Learning Arabic makes travel to these countries more enjoyable and enriching, it helps increase your employment options in the Middle East and helps you do business with the Arab world. Learning Arabic also helps to read and understand the Koran and the rich Arab culture and history.


Arabic classes at the Language Hub:

100% immersion class
Are fun, effective and engaging
Small classes size
Native, experienced and qualified teachers
Cover the four skills speaking, listening, reading & writing
Focus on language acquisition and retention
Cover 6 levels from beginners to advanced
Use international best practice teaching techniques


Resources available for our students

Online learning

Online Learning Programme

When you enrol as a Language Hub student you also get free access to Language Hub’s comprehensive and complementary Online Learning Programme

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Workshops at language hub


Language Hub offers free workshop for our students. Workshops explore different aspects of the culture of the language you are studying.


Arabic learning options
Choose to learn Arabic in the style that suits you best:


Arabic Class Levels Arabic class levels


Arabic classes at Language Hub are broken down into 6 levels, with each level taking approximately one year to complete. These levels correspond to the levels given by the Common European Framework for Languages. Students start in Level A1, and progress through to level C2. A level C2 certificate acknowledges total fluency in Arabic.


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Learning a new language

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Arabic timetable and prices


Target your Learning to your Goals
The reason why you are learning a new language can change the way you learn it. If you have a specific goal in mind, get some tips to help you meet that goal:


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