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Arabic is a beautiful modern language spoken by millions of people across North Africa and the Middle East, as well as being the language of worship for millions more. Learn the beautiful script, and start expressing yourself in this delicious language with a rich cultural history.

Whether you want to learn Arabic for travel, work, worship, or for friendship or love, you’re in for a fun, enriching experience that will truly expand your horizons.


Learn Arabic at Language Hub

Experienced and passionate native teachers
Interactive and effective learning experiences
Best practice teaching methods
A vibrant supportive environment
Immersion learning programme

A Complete Arabic Immersion Experience

As a Language Hub student, you will get:

Weekly Immersion Classes

Immersion Class

Make steady progress in your language learning, build your language skills and focus your learning. Our group classes are effective, engaging and reflect international best practice in language learning.

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Online Learning Programme

Online Learning

Take your learning to the next level with our complete online learning package. Reinforce and review what you learn in class, fill gaps in your knowledge and solidify your strengths.

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Cultural Events

Cultural Events

Immerse yourself in the language and the culture with complementary cultural events.

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What our Arabic students say

Enthusiastic teacher adds variety to lessons. My expectations were lower – I am very impressed.
I feel confident and enjoy the classes. I’m happy I found a suitable learning method and tutor.
Interesting and engaging classes that are always pitched at the right level. The immersion method makes it interesting, vibrant and a much easier environment to learn in.
Shayne M
Learning Arabic at Language Hub is fun and quick due to the immersion, it’s the best way to learn a language.
Actually making progress! Love it.
Very grateful, it (immersion) enables one to practice and improve oral abilities much more quickly and effectively.

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New Foundation Classes starting the week of the 16th of November Non beginner students can start any week


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