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Learn Spanish becomes for some people not only the way that you can enjoy a trip to Latin America or Spain but also from the business point of view it can be a very good competitive advantage and an important professional skill. Of course, the cultural mix in New Zealand permits that you can practice Spanish with many people, for sure more than one time you cross with someone on the street speaking Spanish. Latin people are very friendly and really enjoy a good conversation, showing interest in their Spanish language can surprise them definitely.

How long should it take to learn Spanish?

Maybe this is the must common question not only for the Spanish language, learning a new language takes time to master, but you can start talking Spanish from the first day, Language Hub is developing an immersion Spanish classes for all levels, where progressively you can start learning Spanish phrases and practising naturally every lesson. The recommended period of time to get an intermediate level is 6 months, at Language Hub, we have several options that can adapt to your necessities.

How can I learn Spanish fast?

Firstly with our immersion method, you can start speaking Spanish from the first class, individual, group and online via Skype lessons are available. One more option to learn Spanish fast are the private spanish lessons that we have for you, take advantage of this option where you will learn even faster, this is an intensive Spanish course, and you can study on your own rythm. Learn Spanish Fast The way that how can you learn the Spanish “FAST” or other languages depends on your dedication, practice Spanish by yourself in addition to the classes is an important part of the learning process, applying the knew Spanish knowledge that you learn every lesson, you can apply in the real world, we have conversation sessions to start practising Spanish in a fun way, in addition, we organize workshops to get involved in the language.

Spanish TV shows and songs

To maximize your exposure to Spanish, one of the best ways (in case you do not have any friend that you can practice with) is watch a movie in Spanish with or without subtitles in Spanish as well or listen to a Spanish song.

Movies in Spanish to practice

There a wide range of movies in Spanish, all kind of movies in Spanish can be useful to practice your Spanish skills, a good technique for all Spanish students that want to learn Spanish fast; play around 15 or 20 minutes of a movie in Spanish and just listen the dialog… (yes play a movie but not watch it) repeat the fragment many times as you want, with this you are paying attention to a normal conversation in Spanish with the natural speed, normal speaking rhythm and intonation.

In the case of Spanish songs to learn Spanish

We recommend search randomly (not just the popular song of the moment… “Deeeeespaaaaasito…”) Try to listen to a Spanish song that you never hear about it, in this way you will listen to unexpected words instead of waiting for “Deeeeespaaasito…” to start singing.

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