Foreign language for love

Language for Love

You met, you fell in love, and now two years later you are still only speaking English together? Learning your partner’s language is useful if you are planning to visit or live in their country, if you would like to be able to speak to their friends and family, and to be able to better understand your partner’s culture and mindset.

Escape from English
Having a partner who speak another language is a great way to learn a language. But despite both of your best intentions, it’s easy to stick to only speaking in English, meaning that even after years together you may only know a few words in his or her language.

Learning for Love at Language Hub
Language Hub supports your learning goals. We can offer some great tips on how to make use of your partner to help you become a proficient speaker. We can help you impress your partner and their family by speaking their language.

Tips for using your partner as a learning aid

  • Arrange a time every day when you will speak only in the language you are learning for 10 minutes. Once a week go out for a coffee and don’t speak English while you are there
  • Use your homework as a topic of conversation. This helps your partner know your level and use vocabulary and grammar that you are learning
  • Keep your partner up-to-date with your language classes and what you are learning.
  • Start saying everyday phrases (I love you, I’m hungry, shall we go) only in your target language. Make this a habit

Tips for partners

  • Be patient, speak slowly, offer to speak in your language and help with homework. Don’t make them do all the effort. Speak in your own language without being asked.
  • Take an interest in your partner’s learning.
  • Don’t expect your partner to memorise all (or any) of the vocabulary you teach. Its almost impossible to remember a word if you only hear it. If you do teach vocabulary, write it down for your partner, pin it up somewhere visible, and then use the word frequently
  • Don’t insist on perfection and don’t give up if your partner doesn’t understand you.
  • Speak with your partner often, speak slowly, speak in simple sentences, use the same words again and again.

Start learning your own language of love today. Learn to speak Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian or Spanish.