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Good morning in Spanish To start the day the best and friendly way is to say Good Morning, right?, but now… how to say Good Morning in Spanish? If you are starting in Spanish “BUENOS DIAS” or “BUEN DIA” (Good morning) is the formal and easy way to say it. But we can go further with this, let see a more formal phrase to say Good Morning in Spanish: A very formal form for this greeting is: MUY BUENOS DIAS TENGA USTED MUY BUEN DIA TENGA USTED Let’s impress your friends: you can say this even more formal form: ¿COMO LE VA A USTED ESTA MAÑANA? (how is going this morning?) Spanish is a rich language where you can play with the words, and phrases easily; you can combine these previous phrases to be super formal. MUY BUENOS DIAS TENGA USTED, ¿COMO LE VA A ESTA MAÑANA? Wow… very long phrase to say just “Hi” try it practising with your friends, practice is always the best way to learn and master a language, make it fun and it will be easy.

Business situation

BUENOS DIAS / BUEN DIA also is used as a farewell, it is used in a very formal way to say goodbye. In a business situation this can be the correct and polite manner to finish a conversation or meeting QUE TENGA BUENOS DIAS / QUE TENGA BUEN DIA (singular) if there are people QUE TENGAN BUENOS DIAS / QUE TENGAN BUEN DIA. In addition, in the same way we have the other greetings and farewells for the day. BUENAS TARDES / Good afternoon. BUENAS NOCHES / Good evening. And we have again BUENAS NOCHES / Good night as a farewell. Are you interested to learn Spanish? we want to invite you to take a free trial class with us, Language Hub is the best place to learn Spanish and other languages just in Auckland CBD.


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