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Why Language Hub for corporate language training?

  • Exclusive corporate classes. Gather your team in one class wherever they’re located!
  • Progress tracking, monthly reports regarding learning progress
  • Flexible scheduling. Learn according to your schedule
  • Experienced and passionate native teachers


Corporate Training

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Employee Benefits

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Team Building

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Corporate Language Training

Develop your employees’ language skills to aid your business growth. Employees who speak more than one language are an incredible asset to companies looking to foster great client relationships and enter new markets. Language Hub offers 3 main channels to achieve your language learning goals:

Private Lessons

Speed up your language learning with one to one tailoremade private class. Private lessons are becoming more popular nowadays because their effective student impact, improving their practical understanding of a language. Customised lessons can be adjusted to the pace and focus on personal needs and goals. Request a quote
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Group Lessons

Offer more diversity and are designed to be for no more than 12 people. Tutors will present the programme they have for each level (Foundation, A1, A2, B1 and B2). Using our educational method: Immersion Learning; students will start from the beginner level allowing for easy assimilation into their target language. Request a quote
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Language/Cultural workshop

Using an interactive training programme, participants can develop vocabulary and language interaction fro specific scenarios; these workshops are focused on creating a quick scope of the target language and give confidence to the students. Tailoredmade based on a required topic for a target language/culture Request a quote
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Employee Benefits

Enable your employees to develop personally and professionally – learning a new language has be proven to lead to more engaged, productive and confident individuals. Many business leaders take measures to promote language learning within their companies, as language expertise among staff members increases productivity and facilitates expansion into foreign markets. Employees who feel that their personal and professional growth are valued often have a strong sense of loyalty to their company and tend to engage more productively with their work. Our offer to your staff:
Your Employee benefits Savings
First class free Valued at $36
20% discount Valued at $170
Complementary online course Valued at $100
Total savings $306
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Team Building

Choose one of two entertaining and culturally themed sessions for team bonding Next time you are planning and activity for your mid/end of year function, strategic planning day, or team bonding day, think of a Cultural based Session

Let's make a Piñata

Break it open and reveal a surprise to keep as a souvenir experience

Chinese ink painting

Enjoy working as a team to create a masterpiece. Keep this painting as a token of your camaraderie
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