Japanese Language Exchange in Auckland CBD


We love our students and love helping them to be successful with their process of learning a new language. Part of this process is leaving our comfort zone and exposing ourselves to challenges in order to be able to practice what we learn, and nothing better than doing it with native Japanese speakers. We warmly invite you to our language exchange with native speakers who also need a hand with their English and need to practice as much as you.

Come and join us and do not be shy!
DATE : Saturday, 27th of July
TIME : 11am – 2pm
PLACE : Room1
DETAILS : Introduction, Games, Free talk

Message to students.
– All level students are welcome.
– Remember the writing if you joined the writing workshop in May and use these sentences when you introduce yourselves to Japanese.

Free Event.

There are limited seats so register now!
WOW Thank you for your interest but at this time we are fully booked? If you are interested in our next Japanese workshop please register your expression of interest and we will send you additional information about our next events and courses. Register your interest here for new Japanese events

Email: info@languagehub.co.nz
Phone: 027 530 9495