Now is the time to learn languages online!

Language Hub offers you Online Group or Private Tuition packages – all from the comfort of your living room!

How to start taking Online Group Language Lessons:

    • You’ll need a computer or other device with a headset and microphone.
    • Before each class, your teacher will send you an email with the link to join a Zoom Meeting. Click ‘join’ and wait for your teacher’s confirmation to join the group.
    • Now you’re connected to your virtual classroom!
    • Your teacher will send you study materials via email in advance, as well as in real time through Zoom.

How to use Zoom

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Keep learning your target language safely!

Kia kaha New Zealand!


Kia ora

As the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation continues to impact people around the world, the health and safety of our teachers and students and communities remains our top priority.

To minimize the impact of coronavirus we have a cleaning plan as one of the most important preventive measures we can take:

  • We are cleaning and sanitising tables, chairs, doorknobs, desk and printers every day.
  • Please feel free to use the hand sanitiser from the reception desk or alternatively use the hand sanitiser dispenser installed on the ground floor by our building manager.
  • Every teacher has their own white-board marker to keep it with them at all time.
  • For anyone who needs to stay at home due to self isolation requirements, we are offering the possibility to take our classes online via Skype, if you have any questions about this please get in touch with our admin staff.

Call Healthline on 0800 358 5453 if you have any symptoms and have been to any countries or territories of concern or have been in close contact with someone confirmed with COVID-19.

Language Hub Team


Decrease coronavirus risk