What Santa brought for you

Language Learning Presents for the Year Ahead Its 2015 already. We hope you had a great Christmas and that Santa was kind to you. While you were away over Christmas Santa also brought us some great new books and learning resources that we're looking forward to making use of this year. Online learning And we've been working hard on a present of our own. Our online learning programme is now up and ready to go and will be available to all our students from the 12th of January - only one week to go. We're really excited about this learning programme, as now you'll be able to keep learning outside the classroom. A lot of you have been telling us that you want to keep studying and learning when you go home, but you don't know what to study. Online learning should be a big help to you here. You'll be able to access it from your hubspace account from the 12th of January. You can learn more about the online learning programme here. The video at the top of the page gives a small taster of the online learning programme. So here is a question for you: how do you say "how old are you?" in Japanese? Classes starting 12th of January The release of the online learning programme coincides with classes starting up again for the year. Monday the 12th of January is the big day. The time table is more or less the same as it was at the end of 2014, so unless you're moving up a level you can expect to come to class at the same time and day as you did last year. The exception to this is [...]