Spring quiz: Japanese


It is part four of our spring quiz and we will take you with us on a journey to the land of the cherry blossoms, Japan. Take part in the quiz in order to win a little chocolate treat which must be claimed by Friday, 2nd October 2015, by coming to class and presenting your answers to your teacher. Our Japanese teacher, Miyoko, told us the following: Cherry blossoms, the Japanese floral emblem, are blooming all over Japan in spring. We celebrate spring by having meals and drinks together with family, friends and colleagues under cherry blossom trees in parks on sunny days. The flowers bloom only for about two weeks once a year, so everyone is keen not to ever miss it. All Japanese love cherry blossoms so much! A song below about cherry blossoms is often sang on the world stage as a representative song of Japan. "Sakura Sakura" (さくら さくら) 桜 桜 野山も里も 見渡す限り 霞か雲か 朝日に匂う 桜 桜 花ざかり 桜 桜 弥生の空は 見渡す限り 霞か雲か 匂いぞ 出ずる いざや いざや 見に行かん Here are the Japanese challenges: The melody of "Sakura Sakura" is incorporated into numerous segments of a famous opera. Which one? Which well-known symbol of Japan can be spotted in the background of the photo? Write the Japanese word for ‘spring’.