22 06, 2016

Winter competition: Italian


Pizza, pasta and gelato will sadly not play a role in today’s Italian competition. Think Michelangelo and da Vinci instead! Italian teacher Irene has picked a winter poem and all you need to do is to put the idea down on paper. Paint, draw or create an image of this scene and be in to win a free conversation class at Language Hub! Just submit your work of art to one of the lovely people in the office and you’re in. The best image in each language wins. Italian language poem Inverno Terra nera, nubi oscure cielo freddo, pioggia, brina già l'inverno s'avvicina bacche rosse sulle siepi passerotti infreddoliti i bei giorni son finiti! Sotto il tetto un nido vuoto rondine pellegrina sei partita stamattina guardo e aspetto.  Quando torni rondine bianca e nera tornerà la primavera.

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18 09, 2015

Spring quiz: Italian


The painting might look a little gloomy, but the song that our Italian teacher Irene picked to get us into the mood for ‘primavera’ certainly isn’t. Part five of our spring quiz is featuring bella Italia. Take part in order to win a little chocolate treat which must be claimed by Friday, 2nd October 2015, by coming to class and presenting your answers to your teacher. Here comes ‘Io canto‘ by Laura Pausini: La nebbia che si posa la mattina le pietre di un sentiero di collina il falco che s'innalzerà il primo raggio che verrà la neve che si scioglierà correndo al mare l'impronta di una testa sul cuscino i passi lenti e incerti di un bambino lo sguardo di serenità la mano che si tenderà la gioia di chi aspetterà per questo e quello che verrà Io canto le mani in tasca e canto la voce in festa e canto la banda in testa e canto corro nel vento e canto la vita intera e canto la primavera e canto la mia preghiera e canto per chi mi ascolterà voglio cantare sempre cantare Watch “ IO CANTO” on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR4wG2_2XiI   Here are the Italian challenges: ‘Primavera’, also known as Allegory of Spring, has been described as one of the most popular paintings in Western art. Who is the artist and in which museum can it be admired? Conjugate the verb ‘cantare’. Name the three animals that play a part in the video (in Italian).

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14 08, 2015

Warm up with Italian


August in New Zealand. A polar blast turned the country white on the weekend. Hail has pelted Aucklanders while snow has paved the Desert Road and blanketed Dunedin. Flu rates have reached epidemic levels. August in Italy. With persistent high temperatures (expected to reach 41C this week in some parts) it is the month when Italians take their holiday and head either to the seaside or to the cool of mountain towns. And it is the month when they celebrate an important holiday, Ferragosto. Well, it’s your choice: you can fight the chill with a hot cuppa and a wooly jumper. Or you can read on and warm up with the world’s most musical language, Italian, and indulge in their culture and history. Let’s start with some essential Italian phrases: Andiamo in spiaggia! (Let’s go to the beach!) Incontriamoci in gelateria! (Let’s meet at the ice-cream shop!) Non dimenticare il costume da bagno, l’asciugamano, e la crema solare! (Don’t forget your togs, towel and sunscreen!) Ferragosto – buone vacanze! August 15 is probably the most important holiday in Italy other than Christmas day as it marks both, the federal holiday Ferragosto and the religious holiday of the Assumption of Mary. The term Ferragosto derives from the Latin Feriae Augusti (Augustus’ rest) and was introduced by the Roman emperor Augustus in 18 BC. The emperor felt it was necessary to create a time of relaxation after weeks of strenuous work bringing in the harvest - and the busy schedule of festivals that followed. August is the traditional holiday month in Italy and the majority will religiously plan their holiday around Ferragosto, leaving factories, offices as well as many restaurants and shops closed for vacation, chiuso per [...]

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