How to succeed IELTS

How to succeed IELTS The ninja path to succeed IELTS Let's see, IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) yes but what represents this exam? Firstly, we need to know what is the objective of [...]

Art classes for Teenagers and Adults

Art classes for Teenagers and Adults Would you like to learn how to paint and express yourself throw Arts? This special Art programme will develop your confidence and explore your creativity. This is a 10 [...]

Learn Spanish in Auckland

  Learn Spanish in Auckland CBD     Learn Spanish becomes for some people not only the way that you can enjoy a trip to Latin America or Spain but also from the business point [...]

Learn Spanish: How to say “Good morning” in Spanish

  Learn Spanish: Good morning in Spanish To start the day the best and friendly way is to say Good Morning, right?, but now... how to say Good Morning in Spanish? If you are starting [...]

Maximise your learning outside the classroom

Maximise your learning outside the classroom Remember, anything you enjoy doing in your native tongue can also be enjoyed in the language you're learning. Whether it be reading a book or a blog, watching movies, [...]

6 Tips to learn languages

6 Tips to get the most from your immersion class: Make mistakes Learning a new language means learning by doing. Make mistakes, learn from them, and you will go far! Your teacher appreciates the effort [...]


What is the best way to learn another language... So you have decided to learn another language this year? Great! This is the best decision you have made- Congratulations! Learning a new language opens your [...]

Find your ONE thing to be successful in learning a language

The ONE thing book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan is all about laser-sharp focus & productivity. It gives us simple yet powerful tools and strategies which we believe when applied to your language learning [...]

The Things We Do For Love

Valentine’s Day has just passed us, the flowers have withered, the chocolates have miraculously disappeared and all that is left are the cards that will soon be covered with dust. Maybe you belong to those [...]

Language Acquisition = Falling in L.O.V.E

What happens when you learn a new language? Your brain is analyzing, processing all the new information coming in - new vocabulary & sounds, picture-word associations, sentence structures and so on right? But remembering this [...]

Travelling to Germany

So you've booked your ticket to Germany? You've come to the right place!  We’ve endeavoured to pack all you need to know about this destination in our Travel Tips section. Fast facts: Language: German [...]

Winter competition: Spanish

You might not think of snow and freezing temperatures when you scroll through the list of Spanish speaking countries on our globe. But let’s not forget about the colder regions of South America, the Andes [...]

Winter competition: French

For our French winter competition we have chosen a poem that almost all French children know. It was written by Jacques Prévert, the famous 20th century author and screenwriter who wrote simple poetry using everyday [...]

Winter competition: Russian

After another wet winter weekend in Auckland, it is time to improve your winter vocabulary with the help of Sergey, our Russian teacher. In some parts of Russia, temperatures do get brutal during winter. Yakutsk, [...]

Winter competition: Korean

This is part four of our winter competition and Seraphine has chosen the Korean poem for you to create a work of art. Winter in Korea is between December and February and the lowest temperatures [...]

Winter competition: Italian

Pizza, pasta and gelato will sadly not play a role in today’s Italian competition. Think Michelangelo and da Vinci instead! Italian teacher Irene has picked a winter poem and all you need to do is [...]

Winter competition: Chinese

It’s the second part of our winter competition and after starting yesterday with German, our teacher Shirley picked a Chinese poem for you today. Here are the rules of the game again: have a look [...]

German Winter competition!

It is the coldest season of the year but the good news is we are nearly there: tomorrow will see the shortest day and the longest night in the Southern Hemisphere and then we’re heading [...]

Hurdles to Language Learning

What would you consider your main hurdles to learning a new language? In the following we have identified a few obstacles that might sound familiar to you. We also give you some tips to tackle [...]

Conversation Classes at Language Hub

If you are a keen follower of our website’s ‘Tips & Resources’ section, you would have read the last article about why conversation classes are highly beneficial for learning a new language. Today, we want [...]

Why conversation classes?

You are probably aware that Language Hub offers conversation classes that –depending on the language - take place once, twice or three times a week for one hour. Here is why we think these classes [...]

The concept of language immersion

Not everyone who makes the commitment to learning a foreign language has heard of language immersion learning, so we would like to shed some light on the concept. Language immersion is a teaching method in [...]

Meet German student Michael

Michael is a student I could easily award the ‘German student of the year trophy’ – if there was an accolade of achievement of this kind at Language Hub. I can hear some of my [...]

Making use of learning styles

Have you ever asked yourself whether you prefer a certain learning style? If not, it might be worthwhile to examine this concept in order to find out whether you can benefit from it. You might [...]

O’zapft is! The German Oktoberfest

O’zapft is! is a Bavarian phrase you will hear on Friday, 2nd October, when we start opening our bottles for beer tasting as part of our Oktoberfest at Language Hub. In standard German you would [...]

Spring Quiz: Arabic

This is the final part of our spring quiz series and the concluding language on our agenda is Arabic. Julie discovered a great song for our purpose and has come up with a challenging task. [...]

Spring quiz: Spanish

¡Hola, gente! We are nearing the end of our spring quiz series and our Spanish teacher, Cindy, has a particularly tough challenge for you today. Take part in order to win a little chocolate treat [...]

Spring quiz: Russian

Today we are going to learn about spring time in Russia. Sergey, our Russian teacher, found a poem by one of the greatest Romantic poets of Russia, Fyodor Tyutchev. As part of our quiz we [...]

Spring quiz: Chinese

It’s quiz time again! Shirley, who is teaching Chinese at Language Hub, wants to share the popular children’s song ‘Where is spring?’ with us today and, of course, we prepared three questions for you again. [...]

Spring quiz: Italian

The painting might look a little gloomy, but the song that our Italian teacher Irene picked to get us into the mood for ‘primavera’ certainly isn’t. Part five of our spring quiz is featuring bella [...]

Spring quiz: Japanese

It is part four of our spring quiz and we will take you with us on a journey to the land of the cherry blossoms, Japan. Take part in the quiz in order to win [...]

Spring quiz: Korean

Here comes the third part of our spring quiz as we continue our series today with Korean. Students, take part to win a little chocolate treat which must be claimed by Friday, 2nd October 2015, [...]

Spring quiz: French

As promised earlier this week, we continue our series today with a French quiz. Take part to win a little chocolate treat which must be claimed by Friday, 2nd October 2015, by coming to class [...]

Spring is here! German Quiz time

It is the season of rebirth, renewal, blossoms, bees, birds, butterflies, sunshine. The symbols used to describe spring are universal. And despite the fact that we need to ignore the northern hemisphere’s actual axial tilt [...]

Cultural awareness in language learning

Cultural awareness has become a fashionable term in the 21st century. You find it in job ads, in marketing strategies and in university courses and business training programmes. Most often you will find it in [...]

Warm up with Italian

August in New Zealand. A polar blast turned the country white on the weekend. Hail has pelted Aucklanders while snow has paved the Desert Road and blanketed Dunedin. Flu rates have reached epidemic levels. August [...]

If a baby can do it, you can do it!

Congratulations! You’ve made up your mind that you want to learn a language and enrol in a class. You are highly motivated and look forward to the new challenge. Then suddenly - usually after the [...]

3 Ways To Learn A New Language Fast

Have you even felt too old to learn a new language or gave it up because you thought you are not the gifted one for foreign languages no matter how hard you have tried? But, [...]

The power and pitfalls of using flashcards

You know that practice practice practice is the best way to learn a language. But its definitely true that some ways of practicing the language are more effective than others. If you’re going to put [...]

“Conjugations” Pesky Foes, Think again

What is a Conjugated verb? In a language class, your teacher might often use this word "Conjugation". So what is it exactly? A conjugation of a verb is when a verb ending or the verb [...]

Online learning – a huge hit

When we first started working on the online learning project, we never expected that it would turn out to be such a huge success. We thank all our students especially those who burnt the midnight [...]

What Santa brought for you

Language Learning Presents for the Year Ahead Its 2015 already. We hope you had a great Christmas and that Santa was kind to you. While you were away over Christmas Santa also brought us some [...]

J’ai la peche!

The beauty of language is that it isn’t static and rigid, it is flexible, keeps evolving, reinventing and redefining itself. As civilisation grows and expands, so do the words and expressions of a language. Neologisms, [...]

Don’t miss out on your chance to shine

Language exams are coming up for Chinese, French and German. Make sure you don't miss the registration deadline and miss out. Here's what you need to know: Chinese HSK exam: Register by: [...]

How to learn a language successfully

Learn a language well, and you can have a high level of fluency after as little as one year of study. Learn a language badly, and you can still be floundering over the basics after [...]

Six essential grammar terms for NZers learning a foreign language

You can learn a foreign language in two ways: 1. By immersing yourself in the language, and learning it through constant exposure and repetition (kids are so great at language learning because they are so [...]

Don’t fear Grammar – its here to help

Grammar can be your best friend when it comes to learning a new language. So if you start feeling a little queasy when someone mentions verbs, adjectives and nouns (let alone indirect object pronouns), then [...]

Making the Most of Immersion Learning

The classroom environment is a great place to test your language skills. In a classroom, you can take all the time you need, you can make mistakes, and you can relax knowing that the people [...]

The Best Resources for Self-Study Language Learning

Give your motivation an outlet You're really keen to start speaking your new language and after your language classes each week you review what you've learned and do your homework. But you'd love to be [...]

Your fascination with Russian

Russia is a hot topic Russia is all over the news lately. From the Sochi Olympics to the Ukraine uprising, from civil rights protests to the Syrian civil war, not a single day passes without [...]

Word of the day

Abklatschen Batti il cinque دق عليها Chócala Jīzhǎng Tape-là How to get the most out of a Language? Watching a movie, listening to [...]

Free tools for language learning

The best way to learn a language is to be exposed to it regularly - the quickest way you can learn is by reviewing and extending your language skills every single day. The longer you [...]

The Benefits of Language Learning

As 2014 approaches people are considering and deciding on all sorts of painful New Year's Resolutions. Losing weight, getting fit and saving money are all noble goals, but the reason we aren't doing these things [...]

Speaking French in the Arab world

Colonisation, occupation, trade and globalisation have left their mark on every language in the world. All languages have adopted a large range of vocabulary from their neighbours, occupiers, and "occupees". Although English may have deja [...]

Keeping Motivated

One of the most essential aspects of language learning is motivation. However, maintaining motivation, especially if you are learning outside the country where the language is spoken, can be difficult. The problem with losing motivation [...]

Learning the Arabic Alphabet

The Arabic Alphabet is so attractive it looks like art - and is often used as art to decorate buildings, castles and mosques. A trip to the south of Spain or any Arab city in [...]

Reading for Fluency

The ability to read another language is a key component of fluency. Reading is also a great way to improve your overall language skills. In today's information rich world, written media is very intermingled with [...]

Learning to read and write Korean

The Korean alphabet has to be the most logical alphabet in the world. Prior to 1443 the Korean language was written using Chinese characters. The Korean alphabet was created during the Joseon dynasty. [...]

Spanish through songs

Learning the words to a song is a great way to improve your language skills. Music, melody and rhythm all help with language retention, and a song often contains new vocabulary and can reinforce structures [...]

Reasons to learn Chinese NOW

Its the most spoken language in the world The population of China is 1.5 billion people. 1 out of 5 people in the world speaks Mandarin Chinese. It Helps Your Career Speaking Mandarin Chinese is [...]

Learning Arabic at the Language Hub

What is it like to learn Arabic via immersion? Learning Arabic is a lot of fun. With the current political situation, being able to speak Arabic right now can be particularly rewarding. We hear a [...]

Learn French with your daily TV update

TV is a great way to practice and improve your language skills. Learning French through TV is very easy - all you have to do is sit back and watch. Unfortunately we don't always have [...]

Geh wählen – German elections 22 September

The German elections are coming up. Exciting times for Germany, and also a nice way to brush up on your German language skills. This video is a great lesson in the German language and in [...]

Language Learning Tip – Movies

One of the most effective (and most fun) ways of learning a language is to watch movies. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite movies to keep you studying hard – even on a Friday [...]