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21 10, 2013

Learning to read and write Korean

The Korean alphabet has to be the most logical alphabet in the world. Prior to 1443 the Korean language was written using Chinese characters. The Korean alphabet was created during the Joseon dynasty. As a relatively new alphabet, it has not been subject to changes in pronunciation and orthography and the introduction of new words from other languages to the same extent as more ancient alphabets. The Korean alphabet, called Hangeul, is therefore extremely logical, and very easy to learn. There are 14 consonants and 10 vowels, although some vowels can be used in combination to produce a new vowel sound. In Hangeul, each "block" of letters represents one syllable. For example: New Zealand in Korean is pronounced "nyu-jil-laen-deu". In Korean, you can see that each syllable is written as a separate "block": 뉴 질 랜 드. Are you interested to learn Korean? [ Click here for more information about our Korean classes ] Language hub has a wide variety of classes to learn your favourite language. An individual syllable can be made up two or more individual letters. This is the same as in English – for ex-am-ple each sy-lla-ble in this sen-tence is made up of a diff-er-ent num-ber of let-ters. A syllable block is read from left to right and from top to bottom. If we analyse the word New Zealand 뉴 질 랜 드 we will see the first syllable is made up of ㄴ+ㅠ, then ㅈ+ㅣ+ㄹ, then ㄹ+ㅐ+ㄴ then ㄷ+ㅡ. The Korean alphabet is much simpler and more logical than the English alphabet. Get started learning the alphabet today with the video below. Because the Korean alphabet is so simple, you will find classes at the [...]

11 10, 2013

Spanish through songs

Learning the words to a song is a great way to improve your language skills. Music, melody and rhythm all help with language retention, and a song often contains new vocabulary and can reinforce structures and patterns to boost your overall language skills. Songs really help a language stick - and are a relatively easy (and enjoyable) way to improve your vocabulary and knowledge. The song "Perfecta" by Miranda is a great catchy song Spanish language song that is "perfecta" for learning the different verb tenses. You don't need to learn the lyrics to the whole song - start with the beginning and once you find yourself singing this part in your sleep add in some more verses. Tan pronto yo te vi No pude descubrir El amor a primera vista no funciona en mí Después de amarte comprendí Que no estaría tan mal Robar tu otra mitad No me importó si arruinaríamos nuestra amistad No me importó, ya que más da Éramos tan buenos amigos hasta hoy Que yo probé tu desempeño en el amor Me aproveché de que habíamos tomado tanto Fuiste dejando y te agarré A pesar de saber que estaba todo mal Lo continuamos hasta juntos terminar Cuando caímos en lo que estaba pasando Seguí besándote Solo tú, no necesito más Te adoraría lo que dura la eternidad Debes ser perfecta para Perfecto para Perfecta para mi, mi amor Como fue que de papel cambié Eres mi amiga y ahora eres mi mujer Debes ser perfectamente Exactamente Lo que yo siempre soñé El tiempo que paso Resultó aún mejor Nos conocíamos de antes y sabíamos Lo que queríamos los dos Entonces el amor Nos tiene de revés Seré tu eterna enamorada, [...]

29 09, 2013

Reasons to learn Chinese NOW

Its the most spoken language in the world The population of China is 1.5 billion people. 1 out of 5 people in the world speaks Mandarin Chinese. It Helps Your Career Speaking Mandarin Chinese is a great way to give your career and edge. Companies who export to China, import from China or have Chinese clients either here or overseas would prefer a bilingual Chinese-English speaker over someone who spoke English alone. Don't think this will ever be you? With the Chinese in population in Auckland increasing, anyone from a hairdresser to a corporate banker could see increasing job opportunities available to them if they can communicate with clients in Chinese. The demand for people who can speak Mandarin is increasing every day. It Provides Business Opportunities China is such an important market and business partner for New Zealand. Learning Chinese gives you the opportunity to take advantage of our unique position in New Zealand as a Free-Trade-Agreement partner of China. When doing business with Chinese companies and clients, an ability to speak Mandarin will place you at a huge advantage over your non-Chinese speaking competitors. Even an ability to small talk in Mandarin can help break the ice and forge strong business relationships. You can take advantage of the strong Chinese market if you can understand and speak Mandarin. It opens the door to a fascinating culture and is a unique language Chinese culture is said to be “divinely inspired,” and is the only culture in the world to have a continuous recorded history 5,000 years long. When you travel to China, you are enter a whole new world that is both very old and very modern. Chinese has a very unique writing system. [...]

21 09, 2013

Learning Arabic at the Language Hub

What is it like to learn Arabic via immersion? Learning Arabic is a lot of fun. With the current political situation, being able to speak Arabic right now can be particularly rewarding. We hear a lot of news about what is going on in Egypt, Syria and other Arab-spring countries. But this news is told to us by the West using western journalists. What do Syrians and Egyptians think? What is the news they are told? Do they know what we know or is their information different to ours? What is their perspective? If you can read and speak Arabic, the answers to these questions are at your fingertips. So how to learn Arabic? The best way to learn Arabic is to immerse yourself in it. If you are travelling to an Arabic-speaking country, try to spend some time with the locals and away from other English speakers. Learning a language is all about practice. Practice is the best way to learn vocabulary, recognise and use grammar and structures, and to convert your textbook knowledge into actually being able to speak the language. If you aren't in an Arabic-speaking country, the practice principle still applies. Join an immersion class so you have time every week where you are completely immersed in and are only speaking in- and listening to Arabic. Outside of class listen to music, watch movies and get a language exchange partner. Once your Arabic is more advanced you can read books (starting with children's books). These activities should be fun and enjoyable - and more effective than learning vocabulary and reading textbooks. Learning vocabulary and using your textbook are of course excellent things to do, but if you are struggling for motivation, [...]

16 09, 2013

Learn French with your daily TV update

TV is a great way to practice and improve your language skills. Learning French through TV is very easy - all you have to do is sit back and watch. Unfortunately we don't always have time to watch hours of French TV all day to hone our French language skills. The Zapping is a daily summary by Canal + in France of what happened in French television that day. Its a quick revision to improve your French skills but also to keep up to date with French politics and culture. Keep up with the Zapping and you won't have to worry about a French friend making a joke about a French current-event that you're not aware of. If you keep watching the Zapping (there are also weekly-review Zappings if daily is too much for you) you will notice recurring themes, and get to know French current events well enough to form an opinion and participate in discussions on the topic. You can get your daily dose of Zapping here: The Zapping

11 09, 2013

Geh wählen – German elections 22 September

The German elections are coming up. Exciting times for Germany, and also a nice way to brush up on your German language skills. This video is a great lesson in the German language and in life. Useful vocabulary: Deutschland                         Germany Sich entspannen                 to relax Wichtig                             important entscheiden                         to decide Wirklich                            really schon                               already werden gemischt              will be mixed Neu                                 new die Karten                          the cards Bundestagswahl                 German parliment elections genug                               enough kein Bock                           can't be bothered/not interested in miese                               crappy wenig                               few Betreuungsplatze             childcare (kindergartens, playcentres...) fruer                               earlier Rente       [...]

8 09, 2013

Language Learning Tip – Movies

One of the most effective (and most fun) ways of learning a language is to watch movies. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite movies to keep you studying hard – even on a Friday night! Arabic Layla’s birthday (ayd milad Layla) Amreeka French L’italian (the Italian) Intouchables Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis Spanish El secreto de sus ojos (the secret in his eyes) Pan’s Labyrinth German Das Leben der Anderen (the life of others) Die Welle (the Wave) Goodbye Lenin Chinese Aftershock Lust, caution The Grandmaster Korean My mother the mermaid Untold scandal No regrets Japanese Spirited away Kimi ni todoke (From Me to You) Italian Life is beautiful The great beauty Russian The return The thief