The North Shore will become more multi-lingual from 2017, as locals will have the chance to learn Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, French and Arabic in Language Hub’s new Takapuna branch.

Language Hub opened in Auckland central in 2013, and quickly became the largest private provider of foreign language classes in Auckland. The Takapuna branch is the next step in Language Hub’s vision of foreign language fluency for every New Zealander.

Language Hub is coming to Takapuna in 2017!

The staff at Language Hub are very enthusiastic about this latest development.
Chinese teacher Shirley Du says:

Chinese teacher Shirley
Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn another language. I’m excited about Language Hub opening a branch in Takapuna, and offering language learning to the people of the North Shore“.

With the North Shore becoming more diverse as new residence move into the area, locals are finding a greater need to speak a foreign language. Whether to talk with their neighbours, take advantage of the new business opportunities opening in the area, or speak the language of their partners (and children!), people on the North Shore have reasons to learn a language over and above those that existed in the past.

The Takapuna branch of Language Hub will open its doors in January 2017 offering six of the nine languages taught at the central branch.