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Spanish is a hugely important global language covering most of Central and South America as well as Spain and the Phillipines. Spanish is a great language to learn to give you a rich and rewarding experience in your travels to Latin America and Spain. With such a large number of countries and speakers, Spanish is an important world language and a great addition to your CV. The rich, poetic Latin American culture can only be truly understood in Spanish. Spanish is a very popular language to learn and you can find chances to practice and show off your Spanish skills wherever you go.

Spanish learning options

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Spanish classes at Language Hub :
• Are 100% immersion
• Cover the four skills speaking, listening, reading and writing
• Focus on language acquisition and retention
• Cover 6 levels from beginners to advanced
• Are fun, effective and engaging
• Use international best practice teaching techniques
• Include Online Learning so you can keep learning between classes

Your pathway to speaking Spanish

Online learning
When you enrol as a Language Hub student you also get free access to Language Hub’s comprehensive and complementary Online Learning Programme.
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Spanish class levels
Spanish classes at Language Hub are broken down into 6 levels, with each level taking approximately one year to complete. These levels correspond to the levels given by the Common European Framework for Languages. Students start in Level A1, and progress through to level C2. A level C2 certificate acknowledges total fluency in Spanish.

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Timetable and Prices Choose to have one, two or three classes a week. You can do Core classes or/and Conversation classes. Click to see the Timetable and Prices

Meet your Teachers

Andry Spanish teacher Language Hub

Gabriela Spanish Teacher Language Hub

Cindy Iglesias Language Hub

Target your Learning to your Goals

The reason why you are learning Spanish can change the way you learn it. If you have a specific goal in mind, get some tips to help you meet that goal:

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Andry Spanish teacher Language Hub

Andry is our awesome Spanish teacher! She comes from Colombia where she was teaching and training teachers in order to improve learning processes, and developing effective methods of learning. She is also a coach in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and loves to apply this knowledge in her classes, helping her students to improve their lives and have a great experience while speaking a new language. She cares a lot about her students and is very engaged with their progress. She is fun, creative, friendly, professional and very dedicated. Andry loves teaching, dancing salsa and touching people lives!.

Gabriela Spanish Teacher Language Hub

Gabriela is a Spanish teacher. Check back soon to learn more about her.

Cindy Iglesias Language Hub

Cindy Iglesias has a teaching degree from Universidad del Magdalena, Santa Marta, and has taught Spanish for almost a decade. Her enthusiasm for high quality teaching, and her commitment to great learning outcomes drew her to Language Hub shortly after its inception, and she has been delivering on Language Hub’s commitment to quality ever since.